Airbag Recall – Is Your Car Affected?

Airbag Recall – Is Your Car Affected?

airbag safetyA notice was put out nationally last year that cars that had a particular brand of airbag  were being recalled for safety issues. These issues involved internal parts of the airbag failing and deploying, potentially spraying metal pieces into the cabin. This was discovered after a number of events caused deaths and serious injuries to a number of people.

At Sully’s Auto, we take safety extremely seriously.  The ACCC have put out a website listing all the makes and models of cars affected. It is strongly recommended that car owners check this site and take action.

We rely on airbags to cushion the impact in the event of a crash. We don’t often think that it could do us more harm than good. Make sure you check if your car is affected and take action to ensure you and your family don’t experience an event such as this.

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