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Do I Need a Regas? Contrary to the facts, people are of the impression that if their car’s Air Conditioning system is not functioning properly or cooling the cabin, then it requires a ‘regas’. This is not always the case. FACT – if your vehicle requires a regas then it has lost refrigerant and MUST have a leak. Air conditioning systems are a sealed/ high pressure system and should never lose refrigerant or leak. Seals and o-rings deteriorate and distort over time, this is a major cause for leaks. It is recommended that they be serviced every 12 months along with replacing the drier, by doing so can save on costly major repairs later on (where refrigerant is lost, so is lubrication) and premature compressor wear and or failure can result. Car Air Conditioning systems are very sophisticated in late model vehicles and can be used manually or automatically through climate control and automated electrical management systems with many sensors and modules. It is tempting to go for a cheap regas but don’t be fooled. These usually result in the use of inferior products and refrigerants such as LPG and Hybrids and the issue (leak or faulty component) is not fixed . To ‘regas’ or service a system properly, the fault must be diagnosed. This may be due to a leak, which is why people think it needs a ‘top up’. It is illegal to ‘top up a system’ and against the code of practice to not properly evacuate a system before re-gassing with the correct refrigerant such as R134a, which can only be obtained by technicians whom hold specific refrigeration licenses like myself. Give us a call on 0401 343 071 if you need:

  • Full air-conditioning system service, replacement & repairs
  • Supply & fit of all components including compressors, condenser cores, electric thermo fans, thermal expansion valves (TX valves), evaporator cores, receiver driers and accumulators, orifice tubes, all lines and flexible hoses, fittings, fixtures & seals.
  • De-gas, evacuate and re-gas
  • Performance testing & serviceability
  • Decommissioning (code of practice requires that controlled refrigerants be reclaimed by a qualified technician if system is no longer required or for dismantling purposes)
  • Evaporator system clean- removes nasty smells and allergies caused by mould/bacteria and harmful germs.
  • Pollen or cabin filter replacement, blower fan and air box clean and debris removal

ARC Refrigerant Trading Authorisation Number: AU39689 ARC Refrigerant Handling Licence Number: L124770 related information:

Car Air Conditioner Service
car aircon brisbane

Car Air Conditioner Service
car aircon brisbane
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