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What do I do if my car needs a regas?
Some people are of the understanding that from time to time the gas in your air-conditioning system “runs out” and needs to be re-gassed in order for the temperature of the air-conditioning to stay cold. This is not true. Your air-conditioning system is a sealed system and as long as the components and seals are in good condition the gas will remain in the system and the air blown through the air-conditioning vents will stay cold. If you have been told you need a regas then you have lost refrigerant through a leak in the system. There are several ways a leak can occur; the seals at various joints throughout the system could disintegrate or there could be a fault with one of the components such as the TX valve, Receiver Drier or Compressor or the hoses may be damaged. Unfortunately there are some businesses that are happy to regas your vehicle without fixing the leak knowing that you will be back again soon for another regas. Not only is it an offence for those businesses to act in a way that results in the unlawful discharge of fluorocarbon refrigerant but it is also a waste of your money. Sullys Car Air Conditioning will always do a full system check  and complete a performance check in order to provide you with a comprehensive quote for the repair of your air-conditioning system. We guarantee the quality of our work and the parts we supply. You can rest assured that we will complete a thorough service and repair of your air-conditioning system resulting in a sealed system working at its fullest capacity.

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