When We Say Horsepower….

…That’s Not Quite What We Meant!

horse looking in car Happy Friday to all from the team at Sully’s Auto! It is going to be a beautiful weekend, so make sure you go out in the car and enjoy it!!! It’s still going to be quite warm in Brisbane for a while, so why not get your car air conditioning looked at, if it doesn’t seem quite right?

We also offer a range of different services, so check us out and contact the team to see how we can help!

It’s a Heatwave!

It’s a Heatwave!

lady in car in the sunLast week parts of Sydney recorded some of the highest temperatures in 80 years! With temperatures in the high 30’s and 40’s, please make sure to take care in your car. Never ever leave children or pets unattended in a locked car. Temperatures inside a car can be double the outside temperature which is fatal. It’s times like these where car air conditioning in Brisbane is vital, not a luxury! If it’s not running like it should, head to our Sully’s Auto services information page. Or contact us directly and we’ll have you cool and comfortable in no time.

Stay cool everyone!

Airbag Recall – Is Your Car Affected?

Airbag Recall – Is Your Car Affected?

airbag safetyA notice was put out nationally last year that cars that had a particular brand of airbag  were being recalled for safety issues. These issues involved internal parts of the airbag failing and deploying, potentially spraying metal pieces into the cabin. This was discovered after a number of events caused deaths and serious injuries to a number of people.

At Sully’s Auto, we take safety extremely seriously.  The ACCC have put out a website listing all the makes and models of cars affected. It is strongly recommended that car owners check this site and take action.

We rely on airbags to cushion the impact in the event of a crash. We don’t often think that it could do us more harm than good. Make sure you check if your car is affected and take action to ensure you and your family don’t experience an event such as this.

Car Air Conditioning Economy

A Few Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Car Air Conditioning in Brisbane

carWith fuel prices as high as they are, you want your car air conditioning to do its job without chewing through your petrol. Below is a few tips to make running your car air conditioning as economical as possible.

  • Don’t worry about running the air conditioner before your journey. It is far more effective when the car is actually running.
  • Make sure your filters are replaced regularly. Sully’s Auto can help with this!
  • Don’t use the “recycled” air option. While it cools the car for the front passengers, the backseat passengers will still get warmer air.
  • Use Climate Control if you have it. This was designed for optimal performance.

If you are still unsure how to use or maintain your car air conditioning for this Brisbane climate, contact us now and we’ll help you out!

Take Care This Weekend

Take Care This Weekend

It hasn’t been a great time for safety on the roads these last few weeks of the holidays. Take care on your travels this weekend, and don’t become another statistic!

From the team at Sully’s Auto, keep cool and keep safe!

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

christmas decorationsThe kids are on school holidays and that infamous catch-cry of “I’m bored” is happening. Or you want to do something fun as a family. So what do you do? Go see Christmas Lights!

We have found a website that lists all the Christmas light displays over Brisbane. It also lists the best route to take to see as many as possible. Do it in one day, or spread it out over a few nights.

Click here to go visit the website.

Signs Your Car Aircon Needs Attention

Signs Your Car Aircon Needs Attention

car air conditioning controlsThe hot weather is here, especially in Queensland! The team at Sully’s Car Air Conditioning Brisbane have put together a quick checklist for you to determine if you should get your air-con looked at. Servicing now will save you money in petrol, and prevent a catastrophic event such as the compressor failing.


“It’s not as cold as it used to be”

This is the biggest sign that it is time for a service. If the air is taking longer to get cold or never really gets as cold as it should, then it’s a good time to get the system leak-tested and re-gassed.

“The air isn’t coming out as much, even if I turn it up”

This can be a sign that the air conditioning filter needs replacing. Like anything else, it can get clogged with road debris and not function well.

“It’s really noisy when I turn it on”

If you air conditioning is making more noise than it used to, the hoses and compressor need to be looked at.

“The air coming out has a different/unpleasant smell”

If you can smell something coming from your vents that isn’t normally there, there could be mould/mildew in the system. Air quality in a confined space is very important, this is not something you want to leave.

If any of these things are an issue, call the team at Sully’s Auto and we’ll get you sorted quick-smart!


Summer is Near!

Summer is closing in, and so is Christmas and New Years.


This year has just blown past, but that means that Xmas breaks are on their way around. Have you done what needs to be done before Christmas and New Years? Are you ready for that summer road trip?

Let’s check to see if everything will go perfectly.

Does your car air conditioning work?
Cause you are going to need it this Summer. It’s going to be a hot one.

Did you run your air conditioning a little over winter? Because it’s incredibly important to the system. If not make sure there aren’t any issues.

If there is a problem with your car air conditioning contact us here.

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