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car dashboard lightsCar Maintenance Checklist






Once you decide on a long distance trip, it’s extremely important to make sure your car is in A1 mechanical condition. While it is so hot, the car air conditioning Brisbane people at Sully’s Auto can help keep you cool on your trip. They also have provided this checklist of things to do before setting off.


  •  Check tyre pressure and inflate if needed
  • Check for uneven wear and bald spots on your tyres
  • Book in for a full service and safety check OR
  • Check brake, water & transmission fluids and top up if necessary
  • Fill petrol tank and ensure gauge is working properly
  • Subscribe to a 24 hour breakdown service, just in case
  • Don’t overload with unnecessary items or exceed towing capacity
  • Test lights and indicators are working
  • Check electric towing brakes
  • Make sure your air conditioning is working

Ensuring this checklist is marked off will help make the path to your destination a smooth and trouble-free trip.

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