Signs Your Car Air Conditioning Needs Attention
The team at Sully’s Car Air Conditioning have put together a quick checklist for you to determine if you should get your air-con looked at. Servicing now will save you money in petrol, and prevent a catastrophic event such as the compressor failing.
“It’s not as cold as it used to be” This is the biggest sign that it is time for a service. If the air is taking longer to get cold or never really gets as cold as it should, then it’s a good time to get the system leak-tested and re-gassed.
“The air isn’t coming out as much, even if I turn it up”This can be a sign that the air conditioning cabin filter needs replacing, a faulty blower fan or blocked evaporator. Like anything else, it can get clogged with road debris and not function well leading to other faults.
“It’s really noisy when I turn it on”If you air conditioning is making more noise than it used to, the compressor needs to be looked at.
“The air coming out has a different/unpleasant smell”If you can smell something coming from your vents that isn’t normally there, there could be mould/bacteria in the evaporator and ducting. Air quality in a confined space is very important, this is not something you want to leave.
If any of these things are an issue, call the team at Sully’s Car Air Conditioning on  0401 343 071 and we’ll get you sorted quick-smart!

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