Air Filters and Your Car

Air Filters and Your Car

Car Air Conditioner When you take your car in for a service, the mechanic will provide you with an itemised invoice explaining what work was done. Going through the invoice, are you confused by separate entries for an air filter, and a cabin air filter? Aren’t they the same thing, regarding your car air conditioning? Well, the answer is yes they both involve cooling your car, and no, they are not the same thing. Today we explain the difference so you don’t think you’re being ripped off.

What is the Air Filter?

The air filter is essentially air conditioning for your engine. It is found in a sealed compartment within the engine bay. This ensures air going into the engine from outside is free from dust, debris, pollen and other allergens. It is essential to get this filter replaced regularly to make sure it is doing its job properly. Problems can arise if it gets blocked, such as increased engine wear and fuel consumption to run the car.

What is the Cabin Filter?

This separate filter is actually inside your car air conditioning system, to filter out dirt, dust and pollen coming through the vents in the dashboard of the car. This air is what actually cools you down. It also filters odours from outside and the exhaust system. It can also clog up over time, and will need to be replaced regularly to make sure you get the most benefit out of your air conditioning. If you leave it too long, mould and odours can build up and end up in the car cabin, and nobody wants to smell that!

We hope this has cleared up any confusion you might have had about air filters and what they do. If you think that your filters haven’t been changed for a while, Sully’s Auto can help with that! Contact us now and we’ll have both yourself and your engine staying cool, calm and collected!


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