5 Tips for car airconditioners – how to keep cool

5 Tips for keeping cool and extending the life of

your car air conditioner this summer

Queensland is HOT!!!!!! Queensland is HOT!!!!!! Queensland is HOT!!!!!!

I think we get the point. So, how to stay cool?? How do we extend the life of our car aircon


  1. Dont Ignore Issues. You may suspect something is wrong with your air conditioner in your car or its just not working like it used to? Act now!! Get in touch with us before its too late.
  2. Always Use “recirculation”. This makes it 10 times easier to keep the car cool. Just believe us, we know, we are the car air conditioning brisbane experts after all.
  3. Regular Maintenance is key. Not maintaining the aircon may save money in the short term, but long term it is very costly when the entire system needs to be replaced.
  4. Shade is your friend. This will 100% prolong the life of your car air conditioner. Think about it, you get back to your car and its cool because its under the shade, the aircon wont need to work hard to keep it cool. Simple!
  5. Its OK to use it. Some people worry about fuel consumption, the extra fuel used is nothing compared to dying from a heat stroke.
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