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Sullys Car Air Conditioning is a mobile, owner/operated business and an expert in car air conditioning.

*HVAC systems in vehicles serve a very important role and is not just a function of temperature control. The safety of occupants is paramount, air conditioning insures good visibility, reduces driver fatigue and maintains comfort. Other important aspects include cabin air flow which prevent the build up of odours and toxins as well as demisting the windscreens when required.
Modern day vehicle air conditioning systems are very sophisticated, some being fully electronic with many sensors and modules. Having mentioned this, many things can go wrong, sometimes like a domino effect, and it is very rare that a car ‘just needs a regas’!

We quickly and accurately diagnose any fault in your vehicle’s A/C system including compressor electronic and mechanical control valves. All of our callouts come with a minimum 10 point inspection & performance test, no cutting corners like the rest! Remember – if any vehicle a/c system has lost refrigerant or requires a regas, it must have a leak.

“You cant buy experience!”  Our extensive and specialised knowledge, tools & equipment provide customers and workshops with outstanding service that cannot be rivalled. We are able to provide solutions, recommendations and options to get you back on the road, farm or track. With such an extensive and competent career history, we focus on quality of work not quantity, and we’ve put our name on it!

Get the job done right the first time with Sullys Car Air Conditioning. We can supply and fit any part or component such as compressors, condensers, radiators, evaporator cores, cabin filters, thermal expansion valves (TX), receiver/driers, TX accumulators, refrigerant lines, hoses and electric or thermo fans just to name a few. Full air conditioning service and repair, from start to finish. 

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